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Rhomboid Prism


Rhombic prisms are used to displace a beam laterally without changing its direction. They may be coated to transmit part of the beam and produce two parallel and displaced emerging beams. Can be coated to produce a polarizing beam separator. These prisms are manufactured from either BK7A or Fused Silica. They are supplied uncoated but many coating options are available.

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Rhomboid prisms are commonly used to displace a laser beam without changing its direction. In imaging applications, rhomboid prisms will displace the optical axis without inverting the image. The lateral displacement is equal to the length of the prism.


Material: BK7 glass / UV Fused Silica
Surface Flatness:< λ / 8 @ 633 nm
Surface Quality:60/40, 40/20, 20/10
Dimension Tolerance:< + 0.00 / – 0.20 mm
Angular Deviation< 3 arc min~ 30arc sec.
Clear Aperture:> 85%
Bevel:0.3 mm x 45°
CoatingAs per customer’s request

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