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BRD Optical not only a optics lens manufacturer, but also is a professional optical service agencies. We provide professional optical products and optical consulting services. We hired A high quality, high level, combat experience rich expert team, who are from Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mehcanics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

Our services include: imaging optical design (mobile lens, scanning lens, vehicle lens, monitoring lens, infrared lens, projection lens, other imaging optical system); Lighting system design, laser system design (laser system), laser rangefinder lens, medical optical lens, solar collector optical path design, coating system design, optical technology support, etc

  • Custom lenses dedign

            Specializaing in optics for applications with in optical communication, laser processing, projected dispaly and deection sensor.

  • Optical System desigh

            BRD Optical has powerful optical design software, which enables us to provide best components to custom system. the main desigh softwave we used Zemax ans Solidsworks.

  • Optical tihn film coating design

          BRD Optical has experience with traditional with traditional methods for designing multi-layer thin film coating, and a deep understanding of the theory of light propagation in multi-layer thin film coating.


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