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BRD glass dome port Wide use for wide-angle Lenses. 

This glass dome port is perfect for full frame cameras. It has been manufactured using the highest quality materials to ensure exceptional optical performance. The glass dome reduces water bleading and the large surface radius makes for great over/under shots.Glass Dome Port

Why need glass dome port but not acrylic?

Ø  Image quality: Both glass and acrylic perform very well and optical are very similar underwater. 

Ø  Price: The decisions between the two is often made on price. Acrylic domes tend to be about half the price or less of a similar sized glass dome.

Ø  Flare: Glass handles flares and shooting into the sun much better than acrylic. If your shooting style includes the sun in many of your wide angle shots than try to stick with glass. Acrylic domes often show reflections in these type of images.

Ø  Depth: Acrylic domes have deeper depth ratings compared to glass domes. Most acrylic domes are capable of 150m compared to 100m for glass. You should always check the actual depth rating of your dome as some, especially the larger domes, can have significantly shallower maximum depths.

Ø  Durability: Glass is much harder to nick or scratch but minor damage to acrylic domes can usually be repaired with polishing kits.

Ø  Balance: Glass domes tend to be better balanced and weighted underwater. Acrylic domes, especially the larger size ones, tend to tilt port up due to the buoyancy of the port. 

ØSplits: Glass tends to shed water better for split images but you can still receive good results with acrylic.

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